How Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight? Top Method Revealed!

How Did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight Top Method Revealed!

Discover Rebel Wilson’s inspiring weight loss journey as she shares her secrets to shedding 35 pounds in a few months. Learn about her healthy lifestyle choices and find motivation to lead a healthier life yourself. Let’s dive in!

Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss Inspiration

Rebel embarked on her weight loss journey in 2016. In a previous interview with Cosmopolitan in 2015, she shared, “Embracing my uniqueness and individuality has been incredibly beneficial. When I first visited my agent’s office, they looked at me and remarked, ‘Wow, we don’t have anyone like you on our roster.’ That’s when they decided to sign me, just on my second day in the industry… I have no desire to compete with what society deems as ‘glamorous’ or the conventionally attractive individuals. My focus lies on intellect, kindness, and inner beauty. I consider myself extremely fortunate to possess the body type I do.”

During the same interview, Rebel openly discussed how her hormonal imbalance increases her susceptibility to weight gain. She expressed her affinity for food, explaining that it serves as a form of solace and pleasure during both joyful and sorrowful moments. She expressed her inclination towards enjoying ice cream or desserts, particularly during moments of happiness or sadness. So, when I encounter an exceedingly stressful day, I find solace and reward in food. Similarly, if I’ve had a gloomy or trying day, food becomes a source of comfort. Some may classify it as emotional or stress-driven eating… It’s fair to say that eating is my one vice. I’m not inclined to completely abandon it.”

Rebel Wilson’s motivation to embark on her weight loss journey extended beyond mere external appearance. Her primary goal was to achieve a state of fitness and overall well-being. Recognizing that emotional eating or stress eating is a common challenge faced by many, she approached it with seriousness and determination. The next section will reveal how Rebel successfully addressed this habit.

Dietary Approach of Rebel Wilson’s Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson made necessary adjustments to her lifestyle in order to achieve weight loss. Seeking guidance from her Hollywood acquaintances who had either undergone their own weight loss journeys or possessed valuable insights, she adopted specific strategies that enabled her to shed 35 pounds.

No Counting Calories

Rebel Wilson opted to forgo calorie counting and instead focused on monitoring her daily intake of dietary fibre. Recognizing the limitations of calorie counting in accurately assessing the nutritional value of foods, she understood that solely relying on calorie numbers could discourage her from consuming beneficial foods solely due to their higher calorie content.

Consume Fruits And Veggies

Vegetables and fruits serve as excellent sources of dietary fibre, making them highly beneficial for individuals aiming to shed some weight. In addition to aiding weight loss, these natural foods provide essential vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that contribute to disease prevention, inflammation reduction, and healthy hair maintenance, among other benefits.

Consume Healthy Fats

Rebel recognized the role of healthy fats in combating inflammation and the associated weight gain. To curb hunger cravings and alleviate her body’s stress response, she incorporated nourishing fats such as avocado, olive oil, nuts, and seeds into her diet.

Have Healthy Snacks

To facilitate her weight loss journey, Rebel Wilson made the decision to part ways with her typical high-fat and unhealthy snacks. Instead, she opted for incorporating one or two nutritious snack options into her diet, including:

  • A small portion of cashews, almonds, or Brazil nuts.
  • Celery paired with apple cider vinegar.
  • A combination of celery, carrot, and almond butter.
  • Grilled chicken breast drizzled with olive oil and served with guacamole.
  • Zucchini chips accompanied by vegetable hummus.
  • Carrot and cucumber slices complemented by guacamole.

Rebel Wilson’s Exercise Routine

In April 2015, Rebel Wilson shared an Instagram photo and captioned it, expressing her accomplishment of completing a challenging yet rewarding four-day stint at #TheRanch4.0. She credited her weight loss of 8 pounds to the extensive hiking sessions during that period. Grateful for the support of the remarkable staff and the rejuvenating daily massages provided, she conveyed her positive outlook.

To maintain her progress and prevent weight regain, Rebel Wilson prioritised regular workouts. She engaged in various physical activities such as playing tennis, jogging, and frequently embarking on hiking trips. On days when outdoor sports were not feasible, she dedicated 3-4 sessions per week, lasting 30 minutes each, to gym workouts.

The key lies in staying active and expending the calories consumed. By burning calories, weight loss becomes an automatic outcome.

Rebel Wilson’s success story serves as an inspiration for others. Motivation, however, can be a challenge. Continue reading to discover how this 37-year-old star keeps herself motivated and find encouragement for those who are struggling with their weight loss journeys.

Best Rebel Wilson Tops Tips For Weight Loss

  • Maintain Discipline

Rebel Wilson, being a food lover, also indulges in desserts on a regular basis. However, she demonstrates the importance of transitioning from sugary treats to healthier options like celery and hummus. This shift in dietary choices is crucial for achieving success with the weight loss plan.

While it’s acceptable to enjoy a cheat day once a week, it should be earned through adherence to healthy eating for the remaining six days. This seventh day will then become a delightful experience, allowing for a slightly higher calorie intake while boosting self-confidence.

  • Hydrate with Water

To support weight loss and prevent mindless calorie consumption, prioritizing water intake is vital. Often, thirst is misinterpreted by the brain as hunger, leading to unnecessary calorie intake. By consciously drinking one to two cups of water per hour, you can avoid this confusion and stay hydrated.

  • Embrace Body Confidence

Being in shape doesn’t automatically guarantee positive energy if one lacks confidence in their body and appearance. Confidence doesn’t rely on expensive clothing or jewelry; it emerges when you prioritize self-care and never take yourself for granted. Embrace and love your body, taking care of every aspect of yourself. This includes adopting healthy eating habits, getting enough sleep, managing stress levels, grooming, going on trips, and learning new skills. By doing so, you can cultivate a confident mindset and exude positive energy.


In conclusion, uncovering how did rebel wilson lose weight reveals her dedication to a healthier lifestyle. By combining regular exercise, balanced eating habits, and a positive mindset, she achieved her fitness goals. Embracing gradual changes and setting realistic targets played a pivotal role in her weight loss journey. Rebel Wilson’s transformation underscores the importance of consistency and a holistic approach to well-being. While her methods may not suit everyone, her success highlights the significance of sustainable choices for those seeking their own path to health and fitness.


Q1: What was Rebel Wilson’s approach to weight loss?

Ans: Rebel focused on healthy eating, regular exercise, and staying motivated.

Q2: How often did Rebel Wilson work out?

Ans: Rebel exercised at the gym 3-4 days a week for 30 minutes.

Q3: What snacks did Rebel Wilson include in her diet?

Ans: Rebel opted for healthy snacks like nuts, celery, almond butter, and vegetable hummus.

Q4: How did Rebel Wilson stay motivated during her weight loss journey?

Ans: Rebel found motivation through staying active and maintaining a positive mindset.

Q5: What was Rebel Wilson’s advice for losing weight?

Ans: Rebel emphasised adhering to a healthy eating plan, staying hydrated, and embracing body confidence.


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